EYSA is completely administered by volunteers! We are always looking for new members willing to do some work. If you are interested in joining the EYSA Administration please contact us.

Board of Directors

Jen Carney-Polonis (455-9858;
Jared Colenback (348-3576;
Shannon Daughdrill (
Aime DeGrenier
Patti Dougherty (527-4427;
Jim Douglass (527-3155;
Michelle Downer
Jessica Hebert (527-5933;
Jesse Lovern (
Jay O’Conner (
Kim O’Leary (
Mike Pagnoni (529-2673;
Rebecca Reznik-Zellen (695-2843;
Autumn Roy (203-1472;
Janice Soucy (527-4089;
Mike Soucy (527-4089;

Executive Board

President: Autumn Roy
Vice-President: Patti Dougherty
Treasurer: Shannon Daughdrill
Secretary: Rebecca Reznik-Zellen
Registration Coordinator: Jen Carney-Polonis
PVJSL Rep: Jessica Hebert

Division Reps 2015

K-1: Rebecca Reznik-Zellen ( and Shannon Daughdrill (
4-5: Kim O’Leary (
6-7-8: Marty Pappadellis (
PVJSL: Jessica Hebert (527-5933;

Referee Coordinator

Jen Carney-Polonis (455-9858;

Referee application

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