Easthampton Youth Soccer Association By-Laws


The organization shall be known as Easthampton Youth Soccer Association, Inc. (EYSA, Inc.) and will be referred to as the “Association” for the remainder of this document.


The goals of the Association are the teaching of good sportsmanship, respect for self and others, dedication, teamwork, athletic skills and having fun through the game of soccer.


Any adult being at least 18 years of age who is interested in participating in the advancement of soccer in Easthampton and who is willing to actively work to perpetuate the Association’s goals can apply to be a member of the Board of Directors (Board).

The Board shall be comprised of not less than 10 (to the extent practicable) and not more than 25 members.
Membership on the Board carries with it the following responsibilities:

  1. The pursuit of the goals of the Association;
  2. Attendance at scheduled meetings and voting on specific motions brought before the Board, and;
  3. Participation in the activities of the Board and the administration of the Association’s programs.

Board membership can be terminated via resignation or by a vote of the Board. If a member has failed to attend three (3) consecutive meetings without notifying an Executive Committee member, if a member does not comply with assigned responsibilities, or if the conduct of a member is considered detrimental to the best interest of the Association; the member may be dismissed by a majority vote of the Board provided there is a quorum (see Article 5).


There are two standing committees of the Board, the Executive Committee and the PVJSL Committee. The standing committees carry out those functions assigned to them by the by-laws and policies adopted by the Association and any other duties specifically delegated by the Board.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Registrar, PVJSL Coordinator and Secretary who shall hold office for the ensuing year or until their successors are duly elected. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to make decisions outside of regularly scheduled Board meetings, provided that no decision may directly contravene a prior decision of the Board unless circumstances have changed and action must be taken prior to a Board meeting. Duties of the members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

  • President: Shall call meetings, prepare the agenda and preside at all meetings.
  • Vice-President: Shall exercise duties of the President in the absence of the President.
  • Treasurer: Shall collect, record and deposit any funds received, disburse funds as directed and maintain financial records concerning receipt and disbursement of funds. Shall provide a financial update of funds received and disbursed at each meeting of the Board.
  • Registrar: Shall have primary responsibility for matters involving the registration of players.
    PVJSL Coordinator: Shall have primary responsibility for coordinating the Association’s participation in the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League.
  • Secretary: Shall record all votes and the minutes of all meetings keeping them available for future reference, send out notices to the membership as necessary, and have responsibility for any necessary correspondence.

The PVJSL Committee shall consist of the President, PVJSL Coordinator, the Executive Council members of the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League selected by the Association and any other member of the Board appointed by the President. The PVJSL Committee shall have the authority to make decisions outside of regularly scheduled Board meetings as specified in the by- laws and policies adopted by the Association, provided that the actions of the PVJSL Committee are subject to review and modification by the Board.


The Board shall meet periodically prior to and during the playing season. Meeting place, dates and times shall be set by the President. Board members shall be notified in writing seven days or more in advance of all meetings. Special meetings of the Board and/or Executive Committee may be called at the discretion of the President.
The first meeting, termed the Annual Meeting, shall be held in January. At such Annual Meeting, a financial report shall be presented by the Treasurer. The report shall include the itemized incomes and expenses incurred since the previous Annual Meeting and the net funds held by the Association. Also at such meeting, the Executive Committee shall be elected and committee appointments for the ensuing year shall be established.

A quorum of one third of the board members must be present for votes to be taken. Only members of the Board shall make, second and vote on motions at meetings of the Association.

The President or Vice President shall preside at meetings. All meetings shall be run in an orderly manner. The Secretary or other Executive Committee member shall record all motions – the maker, the second and the subsequent vote – as part of the meeting minutes.


Any child who is age eligible and who resides within the established boundaries of the City of Easthampton may participate in the Recreational League or PVJSL, but not both. The Recreation League operates programs for children that are age eligible for Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Children who meet age or grade requirements but do not meet the residency requirement may participate in the Recreation League or PVJSL with the approval of the PVJSL Committee and, if required, a waiver by PVJSL.

Players are responsible for their actions at practices and games. Poor behavior, vulgarity, or endangering other players, coaches, referees, etc. may result in disciplinary action by the Board (See Article 9 and Disciplinary Policy).
The players are entitled to play at least one half of every Recreational League soccer game. Exceptions to this entitlement are:

  • If the player is cautioned or disqualified by the Referee (red or yellow card);
  • If the player has repeatedly acted in an unsportsmanlike manner, or;
  • If the player requests not to play their entitled playing time.


Coaches shall be approved annually by the Board. Coaches and the Board are responsible for the selection of teams. Coaches are encouraged to participate in licensing programs and obtain licenses through the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association and must meet CORI criteria.

At least one coach from each Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League team is encouraged to attend Board meetings.


Referees are responsible for maintaining order and officiating at games. Referees have the authority to caution and/or disqualify players and/or coaches that they deem to have repeatedly violated game rules, acted in an unsportsmanlike manner or endangered other players. Referees also have the authority to caution and/or eject a fan who has acted in an unsportsmanlike manner or who has disturbed the progress of the game.

Any player or coach who is disqualified by the referee shall not participate in the remainder of the game nor the next scheduled game.


A player or coach who has been disqualified (red card) from two or more games during a single season or who has endangered other players may be recommended for suspension or expulsion from participation in the Association. Such player or coach shall have the right to appear before the Disciplinary Committee appointed by the President. (Refer to Disciplinary Policy for specific guidelines and procedures.) The Disciplinary Committee shall have the authority and responsibility of deciding on the player’s or coach’s retention, suspension or expulsion from future participation in the Association. All decisions of the Disciplinary Committee are binding upon the player or coach and the Board. There shall be no appeals process.


The Board shall set player registration fees each year prior to the beginning of the playing season. The fees represent a parent’s or legal guardian’s obligation to assure the operational integrity of the Association. Player registration fees for PVJSL teams are fully refunded if a player cannot be placed on a team.

Upon request, the Board may waive registration fees or authorize refunds in full or in part. For purposes of reviewing waiver or refund requests, the Board may consider financial hardship, player in jury, the impact of the timing of the request on the Association and any other factors that the Board deems appropriate.


The Board shall decide on all matters regarding the finances of the Association. All income shall be deposited into the Association’s general fund account. All payments by the Association shall be made by check except for referee payments, which may be made in cash. Members of the Executive Committee are authorized to sign checks. The Association shall not permit the payment or contribution of funds for purposes other than the conducting of Association activities.

No payment may be made for goods or services provided for the benefit of the Association by any Board member or coach unless approved by vote of the Board.


These by-laws may be amended, repealed or modified in whole or in part by a majority vote at any meeting of the Association, provided the proposed changes are included with the meeting notice. These by-laws shall be reviewed every two years and updated if necessary.

Adopted by majority vote of the Board of Directors on July 19, 2012.

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