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PVJSL Fall 2015 Registration runs until June 15.
EYSA cannot guarantee placement on a team after June 15.

PVJSL (travel) League
Boys and Girls U8 to U14
$90 for each child by June 1; fee increases to $110 after June 1.

New PVJSL players will need to purchase uniforms. The one-time cost for uniforms is $45; see your Coach for more details. Players keep their uniforms.

Recreational League
(Fall only)
Grades:(Pre-K*) / (K-1) / (2-3) / (4-5) / (6-7-8)
$80 for each child, $110 for two children, $130 for three children or more until July 1. Fees increase to $100 for one child, $130 for two, and $150 for three children by August 1.
*Pre-K fee is $60 per child; players must be 4 by 12/31/15.

Refund Form
Refunds are decided on a case-by-case basis by the EYSA Soccer Board.

Every player should have:

Shin Guards – No one is allowed to play without them. Shin guards are worn to prevent bruises or shin fractures from kicking.

Cleats – Kids may play without them, but it’s not easy. EYSA strongly recommends that cleats be worn for your child’s safety.

Water Bottle – Soccer is a game of running and kids need to stay hydrated. Water is needed at all practices and games.

Soccer Ball – Kids should practice ball handling skills at home, just as they practice shooting hoops or throwing a baseball.

Shorts – Parents are responsible for providing black shorts. EYSA will provide all players with team shirts and matching color socks.

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