Easthampton Youth Soccer Association (EYSA) is an independent, incorporated, non-profit, totally volunteer organization dedicated to the advancement of youth soccer in Easthampton, Massachusetts. EYSA supports teams in the following two categories: Recreational League, and Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League. Registration fees, sponsorship donations and fundraising efforts provide monies needed to run a successfull soccer program. Without the support of many local businesses, the EYSA would not have sufficient financial resources to run the soccer program. Whenever possible, please utilize the services and products readily available and provided by our sponsors in Easthampton. Show them your appreciation for their support of the youth of Easthampton.

Recreational League

EYSAThe Recreational League is geared toward learning soccer skills, good sportsmanship and having fun. All who register are placed on a team and are entitled to play a minimum of half of each game they attend. Teams in this league are co-ed. Games are played at our soccer complex located in Nonotuck Park.


Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League

EYSA logoThe Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League (PVJSL) is also geared to learning soccer skills, good sportsmanship behavior and having fun. However, the level of participation and competition is much greater. There can be tryouts and depending on the number of children interested in participating, there can be cuts to the teams. Games are played at home and away. PVJSL plays during both the Fall and Spring seasons. Additional fees are required for tournament play.

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