Frequently Asked Questions about PVJSL

Who participates in PVJSL?

The Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League is comprised of teams sponsored by community and civic groups from the Connecticut River Valley region of Western Massachusetts. The league operates a spring season for teams from U09 to U18, and a fall season for teams from U09 to U14. “U09” means players under nine years old, U10 means players under 10 years old, and so on.

How does EYSA form its teams?

EYSA forms teams based on who actually registers to play. For the spring, registration must be competed and teams formed in early February because EYSA must register the teams with the league at that time. EYSA tries to form teams in a way that maximizes the chances that there will be a team for every child that wants to play.

When is the spring season?

The season starts in early April and runs through early June, including jamborees and playoffs at the end of the season.

When and where are games played?

Most games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, although games are sometimes scheduled on weekday evenings. In the spring, most teams play a 12-14 game schedule. The high school-aged teams usually play about 8 games. Typically, the older age groups have played earlier in the day and the younger age groups have played in the later morning or early afternoon.

EYSA’s home fields are at the Nonotuck Park soccer complex. Ideally, a team will play half of its games at the home fields. However, due to a continuing shortage of referees throughout the league, teams sometimes play more games at away fields where referees are available.

At what age can players start participating in PVJSL?

Most players start participating in PVJSL when they are about 9 years old. For younger players, EYSA operates a recreational league during the fall season for children in grades K-1 and 2-3.

How are age groups determined?

Age groups are based on the player’s age on or after August 1st. Depending on circumstances, a player may play “up” on an older team, but may not play “down” (i.e., be over-aged).

Are there tryouts?

There may be a need for tryouts/evaluations if the number of interested players exceeds the maximum number within a specific age group and gender. Usually, tryouts are not needed. The minimum roster size for U09 and U10 is 10 and the maximum is 16. For the older age groups the minimum roster size is 13 and the maximum is 18.

Can a child play both spring soccer and another spring sport?

EYSA allows players to play both soccer and another sport. However, players must be committed to attending all soccer games if at all possible. There is a significant financial penalty when a team forfeits a game for lack of the minimum number of players.

What does it cost?

As of the Spring 2011 season, the player registration fee is $70. This fee covers a number of costs, including team registration payments to PVJSL, insurance, equipment, field maintenance and referee payments.

Do I need to purchase a uniform?

PVJSL players purchase and keep their uniforms. The uniforms can be reused from season to season. The initial cost of a uniform is about $45.

How are players transported to away games?

Players and parents generally drive themselves to away games. Sometimes coaches and parents make car pooling arrangements to save expenses and make sure every player has transportation.

How do I know if a game is cancelled due to weather?

Soccer is typically played in all types of weather unless there is a danger to players (thunder/lightning) or the field conditions become unplayable. If it is merely raining, a game will usually be played. If there is doubt about a game’s status, you should check with your coach or team manager or you can check field closings posted on the PVJSL website. The league imposes a significant fine if a game is not cancelled and a team forfeits because it does not have the minimum number of players.

What is the playing format for each age group?

The younger age groups (U9 and U10) play 7v7 on a smaller field. The older age groups play 11v11 on a standard sized field. Games times are from 50 to 80 minutes depending on age.

Why does EYSA need photos of PVJSL players?

For teams in the U11 and higher age groups, PVJSL requires that all players have official U.S. Youth Soccer photo passes. Referees check the passes against the team roster prior to each game.

How can I help to support the Easthampton Youth Soccer Association?

EYSA needs volunteers to help with organizing and coaching its youth soccer teams. Specific soccer experience is not required; there are many non-coaching tasks that keep EYSA running. If you can help out, send an email to: easthamptonyouthsoccer@msn.com

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